Aliyah Kuchinsky

Title: Director of Member Engagement

Phone: (210) 302-6827 | Email Aliyah

Aliyah began her career at the Barshop JCC on our Camp Staff in 2005. Later in 2006, she joined the Arts & Culture and Adult departments. Aliyah currently serves the JCC community as Director of Member Engagement, with the mission of making sure that every JCC member, and staff, leaves us feeling a little better than when the arrived.

  • Best JCC Moment: Working summer after summer as a camp counselor at the JCC in Dallas. Being a ‘Camp Chai’ camper from the age of five gave me a pretty good springboard for what proved to be the best job ever.

  • Hobby or Sport you are Passionate About: After four years and eleven half marathons, I can safely call myself a runner...the most non-athletic runner you’ll meet, perhaps.

Category: Membership

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