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  Name Title Department
Saul F. Levenshus President/CEO Administration
Lauren Ross Vice-President/COO Administration
Betsy Cowan Vice President/Chief Program Officer Administration
Diana Creel Executive Assistant Administration
Dylan Ashworth Director of Youth & Camp Youth & Camping
Lauri Batey-Segura Member Services Associate Member Services
Alissa Levey Baugh Director of Curriculum/Creative Experiences Early Childhood
Devin Billstein Coordinator of Teen Services / BBYO City Director Youth & Camping
Dylan Brainard Production Manager Sheldon Vexler Theater
Rick Byrd Wheelchair Tennis Professional Tennis
Joanna Cantu-Perez Accounting Clerk Accounting
Allison Cornwell Marketing Co-Director Marketing & Development
Austin Cuellar Tennis Staff Tennis
Malison DeLeon Youth & Camp Administrative Assistant Youth & Camping
Ingrid Eastman Accounting Clerk Accounting
Blake Edwards Member Services Associate/Supervisor on Duty Member Services
Ken Frazier Artistic Director Sheldon Vexler Theater
Laura Fuentes Chief Financial Officer Accounting
Amy Goldstein Director of Corporate & Community Engagement Marketing & Development
Lisa Guerrero Director of Early Childhood Early Childhood
Carrie Guzman Member Services Member Services
Donna Hatchett Member Services Member Services
Baker Helton S&F Program/Marketing Associate Sports & Fitness
Gretchen Hokenson Group Exercise Coordinator Sports & Fitness
Randy Holland Director of Athletics Sports & Fitness
Aliyah Kuchinsky Director of Member Engagement Membership
Dorothy Martinez Early Childhood Administrative Assistant Early Childhood
Cindy Medina Publications Director Marketing & Development
Rodney Muñoz Tennis Professional/Assistant Athletics Director Tennis
Maisy Munson Administrative Assistant Early Childhood
Calla Pfeifer-Campos Early Childhood Services Early Childhood
Cathy Pottorf Director of Sports For Life Adults & Senior Adults
Isabel Resendez Senior Services Coordinator/Program Registrar Adults & Senior Adults
Rachel Rustin Director of Camp & Youth Youth & Camping
Sally Scharff Member Services Member Services
Anna Schragin Member Services Associate Membership
Tracy Schuleman Director of Recreation and Fitness Services Sports & Fitness
Maya Siler Adult & Arts Engagement Coordinator Adult & Cultural Arts
Kristofer Todd Assistant Athletic Director Sports & Fitness
Sara Tovar Marketing & Sales Manager Marketing & Development
Jean Yeargan Accounting Supervisor Accounting
Alex Zapata Lead Driver Member Services

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