Parenting Classes at the JCC

The latest semester of Parenting Workshops has arrived! Workshops are Free for JCC Members; there is a $10 charge per adult for Non-Members.

All participants must be pre-registered in order to attend the workshops; drop-ins and refunds will not be honored. Registration closes the day before the workshop. Babysitting is available for JCC Members at the JCare rate by calling 210-302-6820. Non-Members may also register in advance for childcare for an additional $5.

About our Instructor...
Laine Lipsky is a certified parent educator and former performance athlete who earned her BA/MAT from Brown University. When not teaching, Laine lives an active, conscious life with her husband and two children.

Understanding + Taming Temper Tantrums

The Art of Raising Siblings for Life

Praise to Raise Confident Kids


JCC Parenting Classes are Sponsored by Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing.