JCC Author & Speaker Series

Past authors from the JCC Author & Speaker Series.

The JCC has hosted a wide range of authors and speakers, including Evan Handler, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, Carol Leifer, Kinky Friedman, Cokie & Steve Roberts, David Javerbaum, David E. Kaufman, Andrea Lustig Pomerantz, and Professor Chad Spigel, among many others. These year-round author and speaker series events serve to educate, enlighten, and enrich all who attend.


Gary Belsky - On the Origins of Sports: The Early History and Original Rules of Everybody’s Favorite Games | Thurs., Apr. 6 | 7pm
On the Origins of Sports is an illustrated book built around the original rules of 21 of the world’s most popular sports, from football and soccer to wrestling and mixed martial arts. Never before have the original rules for these sports coexisted in one volume. Brimming with history and miscellany, it is the ultimate sports book for the thinking fan. Each sport’s chapter includes a short history, the sport’s original rules, and a deeper look into an element of the sport, such as the evolution of the baseball glove; sports with war roots; a compendium of sports balls; and iconic sports trophies. Written by ESPN The Magazine’s former editor in chief, Gary Belsky, and executive editor, Neil Fine, and filled with period-style line drawings in a handsome package, On the Origins of Sports is a book that sports fans and history buffs alike will want to display on their coffee tables, showcase on their bookshelves, and treasure for generations. Books will be available to purchase at the event. Tickets are $10 each, or buy two for the price of one!

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Rice Lecture: Melissa Weininger - Women and War in Israeli Culture | Mon., May 8 | 7pm
What are the consequences for women of Israeli military culture and the image of the ideal Israeli man, a soldier whose masculinity is linked to militarism, and who is the primary unit of the nation? Several works of literature and popular culture in Israel have recently explored these questions, including Shani Boianjiu’s novel The People of Forever are Not Afraid and Talya Lavie’s film Zero Motivation. Dr. Melissa Weininger, Lecturer in Modern Hebrew at Rice University, will discuss these contemporary representations of women in the Israeli military and the challenge they present to dominant conceptions of Israeli national identity and Zionist ideals of masculinity. Tickets are $10 each.

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