Parenting Classes at the JCC

The JCC offers Parenting Workshops at a very affordable rate, not only for JCC Members, but the Community at-large. Workshops focus on a wide variety of topics, all relating to managing the kids. Workshops are Free for JCC Members; there is a $10 charge per adult for Non-Members.

All participants must be pre-registered in order to attend the workshops; drop-ins and refunds will not be honored. Registration closes the day before the workshop. Babysitting is available for JCC Members at the JCare rate by calling 210-302-6820.


Helping Kids Recognize, Manage and Express Their Feelings (and Why It Is So Important)

Young children typically “act out” how they feel. In this workshop, parents and caregivers will learn ways to help children recognize and name their feelings along with helping children express emotions in more appropriate ways. Parents will also discuss the major role they play in their child’s emotional intelligence.

Facilitator: Cindy Berman

Understanding Temper Tantrums

Fits of screaming, crying, biting, hitting... tantrums are familiar to most of us. Even still, these moments can overwhelm and frighten children and parents alike. In this workshop, we will explore how to best help a child when they are melting down – and how to minimize meltdowns in the first place.

Facilitator: Laine Lipsky, MAT, Parent Educator

Peaceful Discipline

Tired of yelling, nagging, and endless reminding? In this workshop, we will learn and practice peaceful ways to guide our children's behavior. 

Facilitator: Laine Lipsky, MAT, Parent Educator

Why Good Parents Yell and How to Stop

Why do we yell and how can we disrupt the cycle? In this workshop, you'll learn a 9-step process to stop yelling and create calmer, happier homes.

Facilitator: Laine Lipsky, MAT, Parent Educator

Kids and Technology

The prevalence of electronic media in the lives of young children means that they are spending an increasing number of hours engaged with screens including televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices. Join us for a discussion to help parents make informed decisions on how your child interacts with electronic media and technology.

Facilitator: Cindy Berman, Parent Educator

Ways to Be a More Effective Parent

Parenting is a learned skill. There are things you can do to help make your parenting practices more effective and enjoyable. Join us for a discussion of 10 tips to become the best parent you can be. 

Facilitator: Cindy Berman, Parent Educator

JCC Parenting Classes are Sponsored in part by Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing.