Member Get a Member

A JCC Referral Reward Program

Refer a friend to the JCC and earn a *$50 CASH reward! Refer a friend to the JCC who joins in January of 2018 and earn an additional $25!

By participating in our Member Get a Member referral program, you will receive $50 cash for every new member who joins the J and mentions YOUR name as the referrer.

The new Member you refer will also benefit because we’ll waive their enrollment fee! A win-win!

Want to earn your CASH?  Here ‘s what to do, it’s EASY:

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Send your friend this link. When they complete the form, we will get Membership information sent their way!


Make sure to tell your friend to write in YOUR name next to “Referred By” on their Membership Application!

Have any questions or need more information? Call our Director of Member Engagement, Aliyah Kuchinsky, at (210) 302-6827.

*$50 cash reward may be picked up at the JCC membership office no sooner than 30 days after new member joins. $50 reward is per member account (one $50 reward for one new account, not per member on account.) Other restrictions may apply.