JAS @ the J

The JCC offers a daily Judaics After-School (JAS) program exclusively for Jewish children attending the Eleanor Kolitz Hebrew Language Academy (EKHLA). This supplemental Jewish studies program will provide students education in the areas of Jewish history, culture, values, rituals, and texts.

JAS offers an experiential learning curriculum to meet the needs of Jewish families across a broad range of religious observance. Its flexibility and adaptability will fit the time constraint of a daily fifty-minute lesson, five days a week. The curriculum includes a variety of stories, Jewish sources, prayers, and blessings, which are age-appropriate, further developing the child’s Jewish identity. JAS faculty is drawn from a variety of backgrounds and educational experience with Jewish Day Schools, religious schools, and Jewish communal agencies.

JAS meets Monday-Friday, from 3-3:50pm.  A Kabbalat Shabbat will be held each Friday at 3:30pm, with other holiday celebrations occurring throughout the year.

 View our calendar for the 2016-17 school year.

  • Jewish texts: Students will learn how the Torah is structured and how the Tanach is divided. Students become familiar with stories of the Torah that accompany the weekly portion, as well as the key characters. Students explore key teachable child related relevant moments in each portion that make the Torah come alive.
  • Jewish Ethics and Values: Students will learn about social responsibility, the importance of giving Tzedakah and the concept of Tikkun Olam. Students and their families will have the opportunity to form a rich Jewish community through JAS.
  • Jewish Life and Ritual: Students learn about Jewish holidays, Shabbat, practices and rituals as they present themselves in accordance with the Jewish calendar. They will understand the rhythm of Jewish life and learn awareness of the diverse practices of Jewish communities.
  • Jewish/Israel History and Culture: Students will develop a connection to Jewish history and culture and build a bridge to the global Jewish community.

To register or for more information about this program, contact Rachel Rustin at 210-302-6969.