Junior Tennis Program

Welcome to our JCC Junior Tennis program! Our program is organized by age and Tennis skill level and begins with our One Star Beginners and leads up to our Four Star Tournament-level players. Although our programs are divided by age, our Tennis professionals will make the final judgment as to which level your child fits best.

Our One and Two Star programs utilize the Quickstart Program. This program is designed for kids to learn the game of tennis easier and make it more fun. The equipment is sized for easier use which allows for a more enjoyable and rewarding practice. Quickstart eliminates waiting in long lines to hit the ball and the frustration kids feel at not being able to rally. Your kids will enjoy playing the game right away and will want to keep coming back for more, developing a passion and appreciation for tennis.

Session Dates No Class Dates
Session 1: Aug. 27-Sept. 20 Sept. 10, 11 & 19
Session 2: Sept. 24-Oct. 18 Sept. 24 & Oct. 1 
Session 3: Oct. 22-Nov. 15  
Session 4: Nov. 26-Dec. 20  

Make-ups: any missed class dates must be made-up during the same registered session. 


One Star (Ages: 4-6yrs)

Two Star (Ages: 7-9yrs)

Three Star (Ages: 10 & Up)

Four Star (Grades: 6-12)

Upon evaluation by JCC Tennis Staff, players will be placed appropriately based on skill level.

Tennis Drop-in Option

Add a class by calling 210-302-6833 up to 2 hours prior to class time. Enrollment will be granted on a space-available basis. Payment must be made before the class begins.

Drop-In Fees

One & Two Star
$32 | JCC Member $22

Three & Four Star
$45 | JCC Member $35