BBYO: Erich Weiss

BBYO: Erich Weiss is one of seven boys' chapters in the Lonestar Region. The chapter colors are blue and gray, and the mascot is the blue devil. 

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Erich Weiss Board List
Godol (Chapter President): Jordan Litofsky
S'gan (Programming Vice President): Nieck Weiner
S'gan Sheni (Special Programming Vice President): Jack Rosenblatt

Moreh (Membership Recruitment Vice President): Jordan Wolf
Moreh (Membership Recruitment Vice President): Jeremy Powell
Mazkir (Secretary): Evan Berkowitch
Shaliach (Judaic Content Planner): Adam Efron
Gizbor (Treasurer): Jacob Powell

Mekasher (8th Grade Programming): Jordan Wolf
Sweetheart: Rachel Heritch
BBYO Advisors
Brad Bloom
Brett Samet
Devin Billstein

Boys - view your Blue Book here! The Blue Book is a guide book to educate boys on the history and traditions of AZA (Alpha Zadik Aleph), a good reference to use during their tenure in BBYO.