JCC Author & Speaker Series


The JCC has hosted a wide range of authors and speakers, including Evan Handler, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, Carol Leifer, Kinky Friedman, Cokie & Steve Roberts, David Javerbaum, David E. Kaufman, Andrea Lustig Pomerantz, and Professor Chad Spigel, among many others. These year-round author and speaker series events serve to educate, enlighten, and enrich all who attend.


Stephen Tobolowsky | My Adventures with God | SU, Oct. 29 | 7pm | $10
From legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky - who has appeared in over 100 movies and over 200 television shows in his long career, including unforgettable roles in Mississippi Burning, Groundhog Day, and Glee, and currently appears on The Goldbergs, HBO's Silicon Valley, and Norman Lear's new One Day at a Time, author of The Dangerous Animals Club and The Tobolowsky Files podcast - My Adventures with God is a funny, introspective collection about love, catastrophe, and triumph, all told through the lens of his evolving relationship with the mystery that is "God."

Tobolowsky's stories tell of a boy growing up in the wilds of Texas, finding and losing love, losing and finding himself - all told through the prism of the Torah and Talmud, mixed with insights from science, and refined through a child's sense of wonder. My Adventures with God not only shines a light into the life of one of America's most beloved actors, but also provides a structure to evaluate our own lives and relationship with God. Tickets available online or by calling 210-302-6867.

Ali Katz | Hot Mess to Mindful Mom: 40 Ways to Find Balance in Your Every Day | TH, Jan. 18
Ali Katz is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and meditation expert. She is known for her brand "Hot Mess to Mindful Mom", which encompasses books, live events, a blog, and a booming online community. Ali's uncanny ability to make the concepts of self-care, mediation, and mindfulness feel relatable and downright fun, truly sets her apart from the traditional self-help crowd.
Sarge | Black Boychik | TH, Mar. 1 | 7pm
Black Boychik chronicles the hilarious awe-inspiring journey of a baby boy born Jewish and black, traded for a babka, adopted and raised "white", while searching for racial heritage. Surviving prejudice, addiction, and homelessness, Black Boychik ultimately is about the miracle of overcoming it all to conquer drugs and alcoholism, making it in show business, and becoming a husband, a father, a son, and a mentor to thousands. Check back for ticket information soon!
Emily Paster | The Joys of Jewish Preserving | TH, Apr. 26 | 7pm
With photographs by Seattle-based photographer Leigh Olson, rich and detailed background info about Jewish food traditions, and above all, terrific and tasty recipes both sweet and savory, The Joys of Jewish Preserving is a celebration of some of the best foods Jewish cooks have ever created: Slow Cooker Peach, Levkar Shakshuka, Sephardic date Charoset, Hamantaschen, and more! At this event, Emily Paster will speak about her book and lead attendees through a hands-on demonstration of Jewish preserving. Check back for ticket information soon!

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