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  Name Title Department
Saul F. Levenshus President/CEO Administration
Lauren Ross Vice-President/COO Administration
Diana Creel Executive Assistant Administration
Dylan Ashworth Director of Youth & Camp Youth
Lauri Batey-Segura Member Services Associate Member Services
Alissa Levey Baugh Director of Curriculum/Creative Experiences Early Childhood
Devin Billstein Coordinator of Teen Services / BBYO City Director Youth
Dylan Brainard Production Manager Sheldon Vexler Theater
Rick Byrd Wheelchair Tennis Professional Tennis
Joanna Cantu-Perez Accounting Clerk Accounting
Allison Cornwell Marketing Co-Director Marketing & Development
Betsy Cowan Project Manager for Special Needs & Inclusion Administration
Austin Cuellar Tennis Staff Tennis
Malison DeLeon Youth & Camp Administrative Assistant Youth
Ingrid Eastman Accounting Clerk Accounting
Blake Edwards Member Services Associate/Supervisor on Duty Member Services
Ken Frazier Artistic Director Sheldon Vexler Theater
Laura Fuentes Chief Financial Officer Accounting
Amy Goldstein Director of Corporate & Community Engagement Marketing & Development
Lisa Guerrero Director of Early Childhood Early Childhood
Carrie Guzman Member Services Member Services
Donna Hatchett Member Services Member Services
Baker Helton S&F Program/Marketing Associate Sports and Fitness
Gretchen Hokenson Group Exercise Coordinator Sports and Fitness
Randy Holland Director of Athletics Sports and Fitness
Aliyah Kuchinsky Director of Member Engagement Membership
Dorothy Martinez Early Childhood Administrative Assistant Early Childhood
Cindy Medina Publications Director Marketing & Development
Rodney Munoz Tennis Professional/Assistant Manager Tennis
Maisy Munson Administrative Assistant Early Childhood
Calla Pfeifer-Campos Early Childhood Services Early Childhood
Cathy Pottorf Director of Sports For Life Adult and Cultural Arts
Isabel Resendez Senior Services Coordinator/Program Registrar Member Services
Rachel Rustin Director of Camp & Youth Youth
Sally Scharff Member Services Member Services
Anna Schragin Member Services Associate Membership
Tracy Schuleman Director of Recreation and Fitness Services Sports and Fitness
Maya Siler Adult & Arts Engagement Coordinator Adult and Cultural Arts
Kristofer Todd Assistant Athletic Director Sports and Fitness
Jean Yeargan Accounting Supervisor Accounting
Alex Zapata Lead Driver Member Services

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