OY Vey! I Want a Coach in My Back Pocket Too!

Posted by: Aliyah Kuchinsky JCC Director of Adult Services on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 2:15:00 pm

Very much of a “do it on my own” kind of girl, I have never been a big fan of being coached.  I trained for a few half marathons on my own, I skipped out on the suggested birthing classes while I was pregnant with my daughter and when it comes to DIYing – I prefer to truly, do it myself.

So, needless to say I was pretty neutral when Deborah Grayson Riegel was slated as a visiting author as part of our Lecture Series to present her book Oy Vey! Isn’t a Strategy.  Yet, I was intrigued when I read that she was a keynote speaker at the JCC Association Professional Conference I attended earlier this year. If I was ever going to have to succumb to being coached, this was the time – you see, I attended the conference with several colleagues one of which was my boss – no getting out of this one.

Remember the famous line -- “You had me at hello?”  The minute Deborah opened her mouth, she immediately had me on her side with her vibrant, cheery greeting.  She addressed the crowd with such an excitement, it was enchanting.  She commanded attention in a sincere and very organic way, she told a story.  The story was about a nail salon eyebrow waxing gone wrong.  I could retell it, but I don’t want to ruin the experience for you.  Although, with the clue ‘got wrong’ you can fill in the blanks literally.

She continued in her presentation to talk about the importance of knowing what motivates your co-workers.  When it comes to their “emotional bank accounts,” what makes them feel as if they have been given a “deposit” and what makes them feel as if a “withdrawal” has been made?  Next, she asked the audience to turn to the person next to them and share their “deposits” and “withdrawals”.  Remember I was sitting next to my boss – what an opportunity! 

Deborah’s instruction was brilliant and simple all at the same time.  Take what is in your head, what you know to be true about how you operate – and TELL your co-workers what they can do to ensure you work at your best capacity.

I am going to keep my “deposits and withdrawals” between me and my boss, but I certainly encourage you to reflect and think about what yours are.  You may surprise yourself. 

The presentation continued and by the end, I kind of wanted to throw on my jammies and cuddle up on the couch next to her with a hot chocolate.  I still like to do things on my own, but I have to admit that since the conference, I have had Deborah’s voice in my head more than once; and I like it there. 

Whether you wear your jammies or jeans, I hope you’ll join me to see the vibrant, cheery, excited and enchanting Deborah Grayson Riegel at her presentation, book sale and signing here at the JCC on April 23.  Tickets are $10 and may be purchased online, by calling 210-302-6820 or at any JCC Courtesy Desk.


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