When Javerbaum Comes Marching In

Posted by: Aliyah Kuchinsky, Director of Adult Services on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 2:32:00 pm

One of the most exciting elements about hosting an author at the JCC is the initial meeting.  Long before picking up the author at the San Antonio International Airport, I personally reach out to introduce myself, provide information about our community and discuss event ideas.  This first interaction is very much like a one-sided blind date.  I know all about the author after tirelessly researching and vetting them (no, I did not say stalked) through video clips, podcasts, blogs and websites – and don’t forget book reviews too.  By the time I speak to an author, I feel I know them, yet they may know very little about our JCC or our community. 

Then comes the follow-up correspondence which includes details such as their hotel, flight and ground transportation confirmations and the more creative features that have been settled since our first discussion such as room set up and an event moderator. 

All of these detailed chats typically culminate with a relatively final “looking forward to it” email sent to me from the author, with a few exceptions:  Meet David Javerbaum who will be speaking at the J on Thurs., May 2:

“I am looking forward to my appearance in San Antonio for many reasons, not least of which is it will give me a chance to spend more time in a city named for a saint. This has happened a lot lately. I did an event in St. Louis. I did another event in St. Augustine. More to the point, I recently packed up my bags after 20 years of living in New York and moved to the West Coast, specifically… to Santa Monica. (None of this is to mention the vacations I've spent in the Caribbean, the ultimate hagiographic archipelago). Of course, the punch line of all this saintliness is that I am Jewish. As will most if not all of the people attending this event. Do me a favor: Before I get there, someone make up rosary beads made of matzo balls, and we will count them together for dipping them in soup.”

If David is half as chatty and likeable at his event as he has been in our online correspondence, you are surely in for a treat.  Call (210) 302-6820 or click here to purchase tickets.


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