2018 Jewish Film Festival: A Quiet Heart

Directed by Eitan Anner

A Quiet Heart

92 min. | Israel | 2017 | Hebrew, English, Italian w/English Subtitles | Drama


Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018 | 7:30pm | Santikos Palladium IMAX

Tickets: $10 each

About the Film

A riveting suspense thriller about the evils of religious intolerance. Ania Bukstein (Game of Thrones) stars as Naomi, a secular Israeli suffering a personal crisis that threatens to derail her career as a concert pianist. Fleeing Tel Aviv, she moves to Jerusalem and rents an apartment in a Haredi neighbourhood. Disdain towards a secular woman soon turns to outright hostility when Naomi befriends an Italian monk who teaches her to play the pipe organ. The film delivers an interesting examination of the tensions between Jerusalem’s secular and religious communities.

Hollywood Reporter Review 

Tel Aviv

A Quiet Heart will be preceded by the short drama, Wig Shop. 

Directed by Kat Coiro

Wig Shop

16 min. | USA | 2016 | English, Russian, Yiddish w/English Subtitles | Short Narrative

About the Film

Chaya (Emily Mortimer), ‎an orthodox Jewish women, visits a wig shop on the other side of town. At first on edge because of her new surroundings, Chaya lets down her guard when she is quickly befriended by the shop owner Tippy (Adina Porter) only to discover that nothing is as it seems.


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