Good to Your Guf: PowerHouse: It's what you're missing in your workout

Posted by: Chris Rhoades, JCC Fitness Instructor on Friday, October 6, 2017 at 8:00:00 am

yogaWhy are we so enamored with our core? We might think of it superficially (sculpted six-pack or soft), or how it feels after you eat (firm or bloated). The muscles of your core (trunk) support your organs (better digestion and breathing for example), as well as create a higher-functioning lifestyle. Your core is the center from which arms and legs draw power. Alignment within that trunk provides an excellent foundation for all activities. Strengthening, lengthening, and aligning your core musculature is actually preparing the whole body for strength, length, and alignment.

Did you know there’s a whole body sculpting class at the JCC focusing on trunk strength, length, and alignment? It’s called PowerHouse. Joseph Pilates called the musculature encompassing the abdominals and spine the power house. Since it’s from the powerhouse that greater leg and arm strength occur, this intermediate/advanced level class will use techniques to accomplish all of that, as well as mobility. Strength can only be accomplished if you can get into the position! Tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and swimming are just a few of the many sports PowerHouse enhances. For those ‘athletes at heart’, PowerHouse will provide another piece of the wellness puzzle.

Join Chris Rhoades, Master of Education, on Tuesdays at 12pm as she leads you through unique, yet functional movements with a variety of props brought to each class. This anaerobic sculpting class uses a blend of Pilates and traditional strength training techniques. Chris holds multiple certifications, including Personal Trainer, Pilates, Group Fitness, and Health Coach. As a fitness professional for over 25 years and a teacher of teachers, her knowledge of anatomy translates into deeper, more effective and efficient work of muscles you’ve forgotten existed! The class size of PowerHouse is limited to 4 maximum, providing a small group personal training experience at a fraction of the cost of individual training.

For more information, call 210-302-6825. Registration is limited. Sign up online to reserve your space!


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