A Message from the President/CEO: Saul F. Levenshus

Posted by: Saul F. Levenshus, President/CEO on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 8:30:00 am

Saul F. LevenshusIt’s June already and it just hadn’t registered with me until recently because the weather has been so mild, even cool on some days. But the dog days of summer are now upon us and just in time for our outstanding Day Camp programs and another full summer at the pool.

There’s something about this place®! And it’s more than a tag line that we use to describe the JCC; it’s a belief and a sentiment. My hope, of course, is that you share this sentiment and feel the same way. Our staff and volunteer leadership work hard throughout the year to ensure that our programs and facilities are held in high regard. This is no small task when you consider how much activity takes place at the JCC on a daily basis.

We recently completed our annual member survey, and we hope you were able to participate and provide us with feedback to make us stronger and better able to serve you and/or your family’s needs. We are always interested in hearing how we are doing, and we truly value the consistently high marks we’ve received for our programs and services and the good to excellent responses regarding upkeep and cleanliness of our equipment and facilities.

Of course, there is no resting on our laurels. We recognize that constant attention and improvements are necessary in order to meet the on-going demands of an active user base. Over the past several years we have invested significantly in capital resources to maintain and improve our appearance in an effort to meet member needs, and we will continue that pattern to retain your loyalty. And that’s why we invested in the recent upgrades to our locker rooms, added an auto-fill water fountain next to the fitness center, two new pieces of cardio equipment, and completed the first phase of repairs to the pool (phase two is scheduled next December) to highlight a few. We thank you for your feedback and for telling us what you like and how we can improve.

As we quickly move into the heat of the summer months, we fully anticipate that members will begin to enjoy the full benefits of our JCC pool. Of course, maintaining a clean, safe, and secure environment is important at all times. Here are a few of the ways our members and their guests can help us:

  • Always adhere to the pool rules posted in the pool area.
  • When on duty, the lifeguard has complete authority at all times.
  • Always adhere to quick evacuation and emergency situations.
  • As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for your children at all times and must always be within reach of non-swimmers.
  • Swimmers are asked to shower before entering the pool (our outdoor shower will make that process more convenient for our members).
  • Members and their guests must check in at the Central Information Desk before entering the pool area. (For Parents with young children, when you come dressed and ready to enter the pool, remember you can now exit directly to the pool without going through the locker rooms).
  • For Parents with young children under the age of 5, who need to change prior to entering the pool area, use of handicap bathroom stalls and shower areas in the locker rooms are available for privacy when changing clothes.
  • Families with children 5 and over, who need to change clothes before entering the pool, are asked to access the pool through the gender appropriate locker rooms. Please consider taking a moment to familiarize your child with the locker room configuration showing them how to access the bathrooms and exit to the pool area. For anyone needing further assistance, please feel free to ask a member of our sports and fitness staff.
  • While at the pool for extended periods of time, please be prepared to apply sunscreen as necessary, drink plenty of water, and don’t forget to bring a towel.
  • Valuables should be appropriately secured and locked in a locker.

Please keep in mind that our summer J-Camp program takes full advantage of the pool for lessons and free swim Monday-Friday between 9:30am and 3:30pm. These are heavy usage periods and we urge members whose schedules allow to avoid these times if possible.

There is still time to register for another summer of fun in our J-CAMP! See page 15 in your June Center Peace for information about J-Camp.

Lastly, weekend summer extended hours (open Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 8pm) begin on Friday, June 2, and will be in effect through Sunday, August 27.

Here’s wishing you all a safe and fun summer. We’re glad you belong here®!


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