Masters of South Texas (M.O.S.T)

Masters of South Texas (M.O.S.T.) is a U.S. Masters Swimming Club based in San Antonio, Texas. M.O.S.T. offers its members the opportunity for lifelong competitive and fitness swimming in a supportive environment.  M.O.S.T. is a blend of triathletes, competitive and fitness swimmers.  Many participants compete in local, regional, and national Masters swimming competitions.  Membership is open to adults (19 and over) and swimmers of all abilities are welcome. 

Practice Schedule

MO-FR, 6-7am or 8:30-9:30am

Monthly Fee: $42 JCC Member-Exclusive Program (Paid to coach)             
Instructor:  Susan Ingraham & Tiitta Elias.

To register, call Susan at 210-859-2859.